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Vertical Storage Units

Automatic vertical system for storage and collection of products.

Vertimag is an ideal solution for storing and managing materials of any shape, weight, size, and allows for better utilization of the width and height of the space.

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Vertical lifting module - Vertimag


Automated storage and retrieval system with a 'goods-to-person'
concept offers numerous advantages to manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centers.

Increased efficiency in picking products


By delivering the required shelf directly to the operator in just a few seconds, the necessary time for searching and handling goods is eliminated. Operators are more precise and faster and the order picking process is optimized.


Better traceability and real-time inventory management; all shipment operations are tracked and documented, achieving complete order traceability and real-time inventory control.


Parts are automatically delivered to the optimal ergonomic retrieval height, eliminating the need for lifting, bending, climbing ladders, and unnecessary movement, which exposes operators to potential injuries.

The Vertimag vertical lift module is an ideal solution:


When vertical space of the facility exceeds 12 meters;


When is a need for a flexible storage solution to easily adapt to changes in the quantity and size of stored parts;


When Certain products have different sizes and weights;


When the picking process requires integrated lifting assistance.

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